We are pleased to offer free Nirtox to our guests. If you are not certified yet, this might represent a good opportunity and an additional objective during your stay with us. Check our Specialty offers below.


Choose your Experience:

All equipment included – with light.

10.000 CFP

*An additional charge of 2000 XPF applies if you need snorkeling equipment, a BCD, a regulator and a wetsuit.

Training &

Choose your Experience:

Do more than discover: start to learn!

  • one Afternoon in Swiming Pool to learn
  • one Morning with Two tank dives up to 12m deep.

Basic Diver sessions are eligible to be used for Open Water certification program if started during the 6 motnhs after finalization.

20.000 CFP

First Level of International Certification:

  • 2 afternoon in the Swiming Pool
  • 2 morning 2 tank Dives
  • Nitrox Specialty included with Tieti Diving!

65.000 CFP


For certified divers who have stayed away from water for a long period of time: One morning Two Tank Dives with a mix of review for the more important skills before enjoying a real recreational dive.

20.000 CFP

Enriched Air Nitrox (40):

e-Learning + Two tank dives (morning)

24.000 CFP


React Right:

(international first aid diploma): e-Learning + Training day (no dive)

22.000 CFP


Rescue Diver:

e-Learning + 3 morning Two Tank dives (6 Dives)

75.000 CFP


Advanced Open Water Diver:

(package of 4 specialties including Nitrox): e-Learning + 4 morning Two Tank dives (8 dives)

98.000 CFP


Other Specialties:

With a total of 35 specialties, SSI catalog is providing many ways to continue progressing in your scuba diving journey. You can contact us for details prices or visit https://my.divessi.com/ to check specialties list and content. Price may vary depending on number of dives requirements and equipment specifics (e.g.: Sidemount).

You need to have an SSI diver account for e-Learning – if this is your first training, please visit https://my.divessi.com/ or download the My SSI APP.

Use the link to create your free account, using our Diving Center  TIETI DIViNG n°716212. You will shortly receive a confirmation / validation e-mail that will allow you to continue with your updates in your profile. Make sure to include the photo which is required before certification.

Once done we can order and link your training kit (e-Learning) to your profile and you can start using it from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

It is mandatory to complete all e-Learning and on-line tests before your first dive.

A medical certificate may be required depending on your answers to the medical questionaire – please make sure you answer it on-line as soon as possible so you have time to visit a professionanal.

Useful information

  • Meeting time: 7:15 am.
  • Meeting place: at the center located just behind Hôtel Tieti’s restaurant. If you are driving to Poindimié, use the pathway to the beach and park in front of the center.
  • Documents needed: C-card, dive logbook, a medical certificate is mandatory if you are 60 years or older or for international certification training depending on SSI medical questionnaire.
  • Your diving experience step-by-step:
  • 1-We will drive you to the launch site 10 minutes away from our center.
  • 2-You will conveniently board from the dock and embark on a 25-minute boat ride to the dive sites.
  • 3-You will enjoy hot beverage and biscuit during our 1-hour long surface interval break.
  • 4-We will be back at the center between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm
  • 5-You will be able to use restrooms and hot showers facilities at the center.
  • 6-Finally, we’ll be happy to share pictures and information about the dive and fill-out your dive logbooks.

* If you are a guest at Hôtel Tieti, remember to request a late check-out.