TIETI DIVING welcomes you every day of the year to dive on Poindimié reef classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The appointment is at 7h15 at the local, it is located just behind the restaurant of the hotel TIETI, the return is scheduled between 12:30 and 13:00.
The choice of sites will be made according to the weather conditions and the levels of divers present.
Thank you for bringing your booklets and dive cards. (For divers who have not practiced for more than 2 years a rehab dive is required).
For divers and divers over 60 years of age, medical certificate required.
In case of loss or damage to the rental equipment it will be charged at the price of nine.
A bank imprint will be required for any reservation, it will serve as a guarantee in case of problems. We are licensed by the Société Générale Caledonienne de Banque as part of the VAD.
Bank imprint: 16 digits of the CB + expiration date, no AMEX no JADE card.
Validation of the reservation implies acceptance of the general conditions of sale.

In case of cancellation of the service by TIETI DIVING :

for meteorological reasons, the estimation and responsibility of which is safety or prudence,
for any faults or unforeseeable technical constraints,
for restrictive or unfavorable opinion of the person in charge of the activity as to the state of health or the technical level of the participant,
the services canceled in these cases by TIETI DIVING will not give rise to any counterpart or indemnity, the installments and amounts possibly paid will be entirely refunded to the purchaser or postponed for an exit at a later date.

TIETI DIVING remains the only decision maker to cancel the exit due to weather </ span>, in case of contradictory cancellation on your part due to weather no refund will be made and the service will be billed in full.

In case of cancellation of the service by the buyer :

the payment of the reserved services will remain exigible according to the following scale :

cancellation less than 48h before the chosen time: full service due *
cancellation less than 72h before the chosen time: service due at 50% or deposit not returned *
cancellation more than 7 days before the scheduled time no fees or refund of the deposit

* except in case of presentation of a medical opinion or proof of force majeure

During the holidays, week ends and holidays the payment of the service will be made upon reservation.
Morning departure, two dives package the entire service will be charged regardless of the number of dive performed.

For all bookings for a group of at least 3 people, the payment of the service will be requested (excluding material).
The entire service will be billed on D day regardless of the number of divers present (unless medical proof).

Morning departure, two dives package the entire service will be charged regardless of the number of dive performed.

In case of last minute cancellation or any other problem the reserved service (excluding hardware) will be charged on your credit card.